Search promotion in Brazil or import from China? That is the question.

Who does not like promotions? This practice came about ten years or so, along with the idea of ​​paying cheap. It was very common (always was) pay little for clothes in a season ending. Let’s see how the imports from China also came, but first let’s talk about clothes. For example, in Rio Grande do Sul, when a station is ending, say summer, the bikinis, the shorts, the swimwear and other summer accessories that have not been sold end up having its discounted price. After all, hardly a company or shop able to sell a piece of clothing that stood for a year. Tastes change, fashions change, finally, beyond the question of taste there is also the degradation of clothes. A piece stop for a year in stock makes its languishing tissue. The mesh ends up without quality, and it undermines your final price. So the store just preferring to sell everything at a promotional price to hold the product in stock and hurt its sales in the future, at the risk of failing to sell anything after the next year.

But there is only this form of promotion, there is also a promotion that tries to win the customer to make him know the theme store of pyeb music. This strategy is often used in cases of new establishments, those in which consumers do not yet know the store or brand. If the company is really good, when the client know the establishment will be very happy and will return.

Ok, but what about when the promotions are very superfluous in the face of inflation and the economic crisis facing the country, there is an alternative? When we mention the 10 years that the promotion started, he failed to mention that soon after came the popularization of import. Import a product from China is a very viable alternative from the economic point of view, since prices in Brazil are very high, even when it comes to promotions. So think carefully before making a purchase any, consider the possibility of importing from China, this emerging country that has offered great opportunities. See the video below:

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Music Theoy Theme by Pyeb – How to play guitar

music theory theme pyebThe theme about music theory study includes links to each of the individual music pages I’ve created in this form. There is much controversy when it comes to the difference between electric and acoustic guitar. To begin this discussion, you must first know a little about each of these string instruments.

The guitar is a six-string instrument. It exists in the electric and acoustic form, which is the most common and popular. What most characterizes the guitar is precisely its popularity because it is easily transported anywhere. It has a lightweight, compact body, easy to carry and does not need anything else to produce your sound (which is already audible and audible by nature). The volume coming out of the guitar is quite high, allowing a wheel of several people you can hear the guitar. The guitar playing style allows the execution of any popular music that plays on the radio. We can say that there are two major divisions for the guitar: the classical and the popular way to learn music theory online. The classical guitar is the way of playing classical music (as the name implies), and the choro and plucked music in general. Already popular guitar plays most famous songs and far-reaching public. In popular music definition can include jazz and bossa nova nevertheless generate much controversy because these styles are elitizados and unpopular.

The guitar theme

guitarrasThe guitar, similar to the guitar, is a six-string instrument, but its style division is much broader. Any style can be played on guitar. This instrument is not sound, existing only in the electric form. Not usually play open chords with the famous “beat” with the right hand. On guitar, play more chords fingerings with the pick. That’s the way in which the guitar adds and aggregates content in the songs. Another way is to play running soils. The guitar solos were very popular by the 80s with Jimmy Hendrix. After him came many other guitarists, with feeling or the virtuosity of the base, but all stood out because the guitar was in vogue.
We can conclude so much guitar as the guitar are useful, each fulfilling its purpose. Before learning guitar, it is important to learn guitar because we can say that this is the guitar precursor, especially the popular guitar. If you find them useful for your guitar studies, you are welcome to use them right now, and if you find errors or have suggestions, please contact me. This page is in progress. You can find more themes related to this subject in the music theory website.